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Dax Turns 2

Happy Halloween!

My goofy little sci-fi adventure (which has nothing to do with Halloween but just happened to be published at such a rad time) turns 2 today! Holy crap, time is flying. Sadly I can’t say the sequel is out today, but I’m aiming to get it done next year or die trying. Might do something crazy and lock myself in a hotel room for a few days. But hotels cost money, so if you don’t have a copy of this fun little read, you can get one at or click the link at the top of this blog. Keep hustling and keep making art, people! ✌🏼📚🚀

In other news, as you can see I have not been keeping up with this blog, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. What can I say? I don’t have much writing advice to give. I DO get excited about my journey with my finances and health, but I tend to share all of that stuff on Instagram where there is an instant sense of community. Basically, I’m telling you to follow me on Instagram if you enjoy good vibes, dumb jokes, tips on getting your finances and mental/physical health in order, and yes, the occasional book progress update. DAX HARRISON WILL RETURN. And so will Tony Valdez.

CHEERS! Now enjoy the full soundtrack to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride just because.


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