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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hey everyone! My name is Tony, and this is my blog. I don’t update it very frequently, because I mostly live on social media, primarily Instagram. But I’m doing my best to not completely abandon this place and instead I tend to reserve it for more longform life updates. So who the hell am I, and what am I about??


Always had trouble answering that question because I have a lot of interests. I started this site as a landing page for people to find the book I published in 2017, Dax Harrison, a pulpy sci-fi adventure comedy. Since then, life, circumstances, and plenty of imposter syndrome have come in the way of writing the sequel, but I aim to get there eventually. I have at least 3 books planned in the series, but each serves as a standalone adventure, so you don’t have to worry about waiting 5 years on a cliffhanger while I get my shit together.

I’m also a big finance/investing nerd, so I sometimes ramble quite a bit about that. Part of that “life stuff” that has delayed me from getting back to writing has been a long journey of getting my finances in order, learning about investing, and saving for retirement (hopefully an early one). So this isn’t exactly a “financial independence blog”, but you can find a post or two on that, and if you have questions, I’m happy to direct you to resources and people that are vastly more knowledgeable than myself.

I live in southern California with my wife and pet rabbits. I was born in ’85, so you can guesstimate my main pop culture influences from that. My wife and I love all generally nerdy things, horror movies, board games, and rain, sweet sweet rain. Because SoCal is getting drier by the second. Seriously, we’re just about a summer or two away from Mad Max times. Time to trick out the Corolla with some armor, spikes and flamethrowers.

I’ve rambled enough. I’m good at that. Enjoy the site. Follow me on IG for more frequent nonsense. Buy my book and I’ll love you forever. And most importantly, HAVE A GREAT DAY!


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